Confessions of a Mid-Week Slacker

Okay, usually I post about all my workouts and how great they’ve felt, how wonderful I feel to have them done, yadda yadda.

But not today.

Last night, I skipped my workout. I was sooo tired in the afternoon, that once I got home from work, I laid on the couch and napped for almost an hour. I am not normally a nap-taker, so maybe I needed the extra rest? I feel like my long run on Sunday has thrown me all off-schedule.

Then Matt and I went out to dinner for Mexican food, and you KNOW there was no running happening after that.

Thennn, this morning, I was supposed to wake up to get my run in before work. I have important plans after work {you know, to go to happy hour}…

And then my alarm went off, and I hit snooze, and went back to sleep.

Several. Times.

Which means I didn’t ever get up and run. So my new contingency plan is to have one singular (is that possible?) glass of wine at happy hour…

wino wednesday

And then come home to run.

Bets, anyone? Any takers?

– – –

How do you keep yourself motivated, especially when you’re tired and busy during the week? 

What do you do to get out of a slump? 


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Mid-Week Slacker

  1. I felt the same way all yesterday and practically drug myself out the door after work to get in a little run. The run felt so-so but afterwards i felt great because i made myself do it – So then I did some Yoga stretching, and made it even better. I usually wake up early every morning to get my workout in. Its hard at first but then gets easier the more your body gets used to it. Just keep motivating yourself by keeping your goal in mind. The most important thing is to not let yourself down and have fun!

  2. I think of that feeling when I am done working out and how great it feels then it’s totally worth it to struggle through the workout! Like today for example I completely struggled to finish my workout but I’m glad I did it !

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