Week 11 Workouts {Green Bay Marathon}

Last week’s training was…kind of non-existent. I started feeling under the weather Monday and it all went downhill from there: Flu, followed by some cold/sinus junk. After a whole week of not running + lots of sleeping + way too much [needed] couch/TV time, I finally felt halfway decent on Saturday. Just in time for my long run of the week! Here’s how it went.

Sunday: Yoga + foam roll
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles sick 😦
Wednesday: 6 miles sick 😦
Thursday: 4 miles sick 😦
Friday: Rest {still sick}
Saturday: 15 miles 12 miles (~12:30/mile pace)

I wasn’t sure if I should just jump out there and try for my long run after a whole week off + being sick, but my running club peeps {who uses that word anymore?} told me I should try and simply “listen to your body.” My head was still congested and I had an annoying cough (nothing in my chest, though). I figured by 6 miles my body would tell me it was done.

Thanks to the recent time change, we started out in the dark and got to watch the sun come up…


Not so bad. 🙂

Around 3-4 miles, I did start feeling pretty tired, but I just slowed down the pace a lot (from 10:30 pace to 11:30-12 min/mile) and took lots of walking breaks as needed. Surprisingly, I ended up feeling pretty good and kept going for a total of 12 miles. I even considered trying for all 15 miles… Then decided I had probably pushed myself enough; I’ll just surpass 15 miles when I hit 16 on my long run next weekend!

Running with the remnants of a cold/sinus congestion was kind of annoying—I went through a LOT of tissues—but at the end of the day, it did help clear all the crud out.

I should have taken the rest of my Saturday easy, but instead I ran around doing errands for a few hours, and only napped one hour before meeting some friends for dinner and bowling. By the time we were bowling around 8pm, I was exhausted! I had possibly the worst bowling scores of my life. HA. I could barely lift the dang ball at the end.

Note to self: You can run while you’re sick, but make sure you get extra rest and take it easy everywhere else!

Here’s hoping this week is back to normal! 🙂 I still really want to post a recap of my time in Phoenix, so keep an eye out—it will be a fun post!

This week’s workouts:
Sunday: Yoga & foam rolling
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: 7 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 16 miles

– – –

Have you ever run while you’re sick?
What are your cures for flu/cold season?

I take my “drug cocktail” every day when flu season hits, especially when I feel a little under the weather: Garlic pills (yep, for real), Echinacea, vitamin C, and zinc with lots of water. I swear it makes a difference! I also loooove me some hot peach tea with honey when I have a sore throat.


2 thoughts on “Week 11 Workouts {Green Bay Marathon}

  1. I use the neck rule as well. Anything from the neck up means it’s probably okay to run (head cold, etc.). However, a chest cold or stomach problems and I won’t run. Feel better soon!

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