The D-Word: Weigh-In #2

Two weeks down & good news to share!


Week 2 Weigh-In:
Starting weight: 163 lbs.
Last week’s weight: 161.4 lbs.
This week’s weight: 158.4  (-3 lbs.)

Holy moly, three pounds! I was pretty surprised when I saw that number. I did well on my diet & exercise most of last week, and didn’t cheat as much over the weekend, so I figured I’d lose 1.5 pounds as planned…but I was stoked to see 3!

I’m sure that won’t happen every week (and it probably wouldn’t be too healthy if it did) so I’ll take it for now. 😉

I added in more strength work this work, so I wonder if the extra muscle building is upping my metabolism? I guess I better keep it up!

Obstacles this past week:
• Being car-less made getting to the gym tricky, but instead of skipping a workout, I made my at-home circuit workout to do one night instead.
• My sweet tooth. I didn’t really indulge, minus a cupcake on Saturday night, but my sweet tooth is starting to nudge at me for chocolate. I’m going to try to find a “healthy” version of a dessert or snack so I can satisfy it this week. Any ideas?? Maybe these?
• Fatigue. I’ve been more tired this past week, because I’ve gotten into a habit of going to bed later over the last couple weeks. It’s starting to catch up with me! I need to be better at making sure I get enough shut-eye.

Achievements of the week:
• I tempered my inner-wino! 😉 Only had a few glasses of wine over the weekend, and none during the week. The easiest way to cut back on empty calories is to cut back on the booze.
• I stayed positive and ran a relatively enjoyable 10-mile run on Saturday.
• I went out for sushi one night, but chose healthier options: Edamame pods as an appetizer, over our usual fried dumplings; and tuna & salmon nigri sushi instead of spicy/tempura/other less-than-healthy rolls.

dreamy sushi

dreamy sushi

Some other yummy eats from the week:

minestrone + added spinach

Minestrone + added spinach. Easy to make, tasty & easy to transport to work for a couple lunches.
turkey wrap with veggies

Turkey wrap on low-cal, high fiber wrap with lots of veggies and hummus. Yum!

blueberry, goat cheese and sunflower seeds saladThe best salad combo ever! Romaine, blueberries, goat cheese crumbles and sunflower seeds. Topped with balsamic vinaigrette.

sloppy joe and almonds“Skinny” sloppy joe, and sour cream & onion almonds from NatureBox. Mmm! I am working through this sloppy joe recipe to share with you all in the next couple of weeks, hopefully.

– – –

Any suggestions on “healthy” sweet treats? 
What are your favorite transportable meals to take to work?


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