The D-Word: Weigh-In #1

weekly weight in, week 1

Okay, one week down since I started my d-word last week….

Week 1 Weigh-In:
Starting weight: 163 lbs.
Last week’s weight: 163 lbs.
This week’s weight: 161.4 lbs. (-1.6 lbs.)

Yay! My number on the scale is movin’ down, right on track.

– – –

I did a lot of things to set myself up for success this past week.

First of all, I knew my workout game plan for the week. Every day, I knew whether I was going to the gym or not—no hemming and hawing. I could also plan those burned calories in my daily caloric intake, which I tracked with the Livestrong MyPlate app. It was easy to eat enough to ensure I was being healthy and would have energy to run, but also cutting enough to lose weight.

Secondly, on Sunday, I did some meal planning & prep for the week’s lunches and dinners. This included my Healthy & Hearty Turkey Chili, which I cooked and then ate for lunch or dinner several days. I also wanted to have a couple salads, so I bought all the fixings & chopped them up so they’d be at arm’s reach.

Thirdly, I packed my breakfast and lunch most days for work. When I got hungry, I had healthy snacks to grab. Come lunch time, when I slowed down enough to realize how hungry I was, I had something healthy to heat up quick. No running out to grab something to-go that’s less-than-good for me.

And here’s a random sampling of eats from the week!

Whole wheat toast with Justin's maple almond butter
• A piece of whole-wheat toast with Justin’s maple almond butter. Omg, forgot how delicious the maple almond butter is! I need to get more.
• Kind brand oats & honey chewy bar + a sliced apple to munch on later in the AM.
healthy breakfast: whole wheat toast and a fried egg
• A few extra minutes one morning: An over-medium fried egg on a piece of whole-wheat toast.

turkey chili and crackers
• Most days, I brought in my turkey chili + a serving of Wheat Thins crackers.
• After several chili meals, I changed it up but kept it quick & easy with a Kashi frozen meal from my freezer.
• One day, I went to lunch with some co-workers to Qdoba, where I got a Naked Taco Salad (lettuce, beans, corn salsa & pico de gallo) with grilled chicken. So tasty, and actually pretty good for you (just leave off the sour cream & cheese).

• Fruit—sliced apple, banana, mandarin oranges.
kind nut bar
• Kind brand nut bars. I love that these are non-GMO, made of ‘real’ stuff you can see, and tasty to boot!
• Dried fruit (peaches & pineapple) from NatureBox

salad and cottage cheese
• Salad with veggies, hard boiled egg & ham + 2% cottage cheese
• Turkey chili + 2% cottage cheese
• Mostaccioli with homemade meat sauce (a small portion, Friday’s pre-long run dinner)

I don’t want to deprive myself of all indulgences, so I tried to balance them when I could. If I had an especially long workout (like Thursday’s 5-miler) and burned a lot of calories, I let myself have a treat as long as it still fit into my daily intake.That said, I totally splurged too much over the weekend!

• Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. These sat on my counter for four days before I ate any! I had three of them on Friday night since I knew I was running so many miles Saturday morning. 😉
• Buffalo Chicken Pizza – definitely not healthy, but it was a yummy Saturday lunch after my 9-mile torture run, so I didn’t care. Balance!
• Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake, made by my friend Liz, for dessert Saturday night. Ridiculously indulgent and made my taste buds sing.
• A Hoegaarden beer (Friday night happy hour) + glass of wine; two cocktails Saturday night; a couple glasses of wine during SuperBowl Sunday

Overall, week one wasn’t so bad. When you plan ahead, it makes it much easier to eat healthy and stay on track. I think my biggest challenge is the weekends. I want to have some drinks, or go out to eat, and it’s tough to do any of that while being on a diet. I know I can afford some less healthier choices sometimes, so if I can keep that to only a handful of times on the weekend (not every meal…), I think it will all balance out just fine!


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