Crafting & Partying

Howdy all! What a fun, quick weekend.

I had a rousing Friday night of crafting—woohooooo. My running club had its yearly swanky party on Saturday, and I volunteered to make some DIY table settings. I had fun picking out the supplies at Hobby Lobby, and ended up making all 80 place settings for about $15 (could have been cheaper, but I didn’t realize one of my stamps was $7).

DIY place card table settings with mustache and bow stamps

It was super easy! All I did was pick out two stamps (mustache for the men, a bow for the ladies) and got black and pink ink. Then I bought what were technically bookmarks, but they worked perfectly once I folded them in half to stand up.

A little stampin’ on top and then I wrote the names below—they turned out super cute!

DIY place card table settings with black mustache and pink bow stamps 

I’m already excited to make the table cards for our wedding, is that weird?

I woke up early Saturday morning and went on my cuh-ray-zay hard long run. Afterwards, Matt took me to lunch, by which time I was ready to gnaw off my arm or anything that walked by. Literally. Luckily, no appendages were harmed and I scarfed down some buffalo chicken pizza. It was scrumptious, and I inhaled it too quickly to take a photo. Then I laid around almost all afternoon because I was so totally spent.

By 6 o’clock, Matt and I were on our way to the running club party. It was fun to see everyone dressed up and snazzy, rather than sweaty and smelly like we usually are. Ha! There were a TON of people there this year, and it is so cool to see our little running club growing so fast.

We chowed down on some delicious food: Bruschetta and bacon-wrapped dates for appys, filet mignon and boiled potatoes, and homemade desserts. I washed it all down with a couple cocktails and watched people bust their moves on the dance floor (it takes a lot more than two cocktails to get me out there) before we called it a night around 10. We were pooped!

Sunday was spent getting lots of things done around the house, before we went to an impromptu Super Bowl party at a friend’s house for a couple hours. Highlights of the game were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, lots of yummy appetizers, and a glass of wine. Notice no football mentioned there. 😉

– – –

Highlight of your weekend?

What did you do (and eat) for the Super Bowl? 


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