Workplace Positivity + Treadmill Fun

We made it halfway! Well, for me, I just have one more day ‘til the weekend. Woo. At work, we’ll soon have two web designers on maternity leave, so before I get to train and oversee their freelance fill-ins and things get hectic, I thought I’d take a day off for ME. It will be full of homemade breakfast and wedding designing.

And maybe some wine, because my boss told me to. Ha. My kinda vaca day!

How has your week been going? Mine’s been okay—I had a rollercoaster of a Monday, which prompted me to give myself a little inspiration:

workplace inspiration

I was having a rough morning (for no real reason), so at lunchtime, I found these colorful & positive messages on Pinterest, printed them out, and hung them in eyesight. I guess it was just one of those days, but I am already loving peeking up at those peppy messages every day.

“You gotta stay positive.”
“Choose to see the good stuff.”

Staying positive and finding the good in things just makes life so much easier! (And happier.) 🙂

I had some good workouts yesterday & today on the treadmill. It’s been another arctic week here in Wisconsin, so outdoor running is a no-go. I’ve been trying to keep the treadmill interesting (and dare I say, fun?). On Tuesday, I had 3 miles on the schedule, so I did my usual climb up/climb down starting at 5.5mph, going slowly up to 6.5mph, and then back down. Changing the speed up and down by .1mph every minute or so helps me break up the run mentally, I guess.

Today, I had another 3 miles on the docket, so I tried one of the pre-programmed workouts on the ‘mill. It was a “rolling hills” workout, which I must have set up wrong because the incline never went up from 0 like I expected. Ha But, it did give me an easy warm-up before jumping back & forth between 5.5mph, straight up to 6mph, then straight back down to 5.5mph. It went up or down like this at every minute for about 25 minutes before an easy cool down. I liked the mix of easy running with a burst of speedier effort, it made me feel strong and the time went by quickly.

Cheers to the approaching weekend (and a very cold 8-mile long run on Saturday)!

– – –

How do you keep your treadmill (or other gym workout) interesting?
Do you have a favorite motivational quote or saying? 


2 thoughts on “Workplace Positivity + Treadmill Fun

  1. I had a tough week too, and it’s looking like I’ll have to work over the weekend with the coming snow. I have been running on the indoor track here and there but I have started cycling class again. I go on Wed and Fri mornings at 5:30. LOVE IT!! It’s nice to have a break up to running. I’m not training for a race like you are, but it’s hard for me to run on the treadmill/track 4-5 times a week. I’m doing more like 2 runs and then 2 spinning classes with a little weight lifting. I have never tried a program on the treadmill before, perhaps I should try that! I also did a lot of track inspired speed work on the treadmill with incline variations when I was training a year ago, made the workouts on the treadmill easier. Here are some examples:

    “400 x 6” (this would translate into .25mi on the treadmill)
    10 min warm up (5.5mph or so)
    400 x 6 at just under sprint pace (8mph or so) then a 400 walk/slow jog
    5 min cool down

    “1200 x 3” (.75 miles on the mill)
    10 min warm up
    1000 x 3 at just over race pace (.5-1 mph higher than your race pace) then a 3 min slow jog in between
    5 min cool down

    “200 hill sprints” (around .15 miles on the mill)
    10 min warm up
    200 @ 4% incline at sprint (9mph), walk for 30 sec
    200 @ 6% incline at sprint (9mph), walk for 45 sec
    200 @ 7% incline at sprint (9mph), walk for 1min
    200 @ 9% incline at sprint (9mph), walk for 1 min
    200 @ 10% incline at sprint (9mph), walk for 3 min
    then work your way back down, or start the session over again.
    5 min cool down.

    I have TONS of workouts from all my old training plans, if you ever want to do anything different!

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