Week 3 Workouts {Phoenix Half & Green Bay Marathon}

I’m going to start numbering my weekly workout recaps up to the Phoenix Half Marathon, then the Green Bay Marathon. It will end up being a 20-week cycle by the end, when I reach my second 26.2-mile goal. 🙂 I hope you follow along with me! {If you missed my training plan, you can find it here.}

Let’s get to it: Last week’s workouts were great! I actually hit all my workouts, so that’s always a plus, huh?

3 mile run
I popped onto the dreadmill at the gym and, while it did feel a little less dreadful than the last few weeks (maybe I’m just getting back into shape), I shall still call it the dreadmill out of principle. Followed up with stretching & some hip/core work at home.

Enjoyed a second birthday dinner out with my man! I’m glad he insisted. 😉

4 mile run
The ‘mills were all taken up when I got to the gym, so I hopped on a stationary bike for 25 minutes until one opened up. I followed the biking with 2 miles on the treadmill, where I made it count with some speedwork. I started at 5.5mph and got up to 7.5mph before brining it back down to 6-6.5mph for the last 5 minutes. I felt strong! Did some hip & core work at home.

3 mile run {3.11 mi/10:45 pace}
I ran outside with my friend Liz (who saved the day because I was ready to bail on this workout). We get to geek out with some Garmin stats again, finally: We ran 3.11 miles easy pace, which was a 10:45 average. (Spot on with what I want my marathon pace to be.) Weather was 30 degrees and kind of spitting snow, but it was better than the treadmill.


7 mile run {7.01 mi/10:30 pace}
I had to go all out to bundle up for this one! I thought I wore a lot for this run a few weeks ago, but I had to go buy a balaclava and winter hat on Friday in preparation for Saturday’s run. The windchill was a few degrees below zero when we started! My legs felt pretty much numb most of the run, and I had icicles on my eyelashes most of the time. I wish I had taken a better picture, but if you look closely at this one, you can see the icicles in my hair on the right… Ha!

runner icicles outside

I felt great during this run, and we didn’t pay attention to the pace. I was surprised to see we ran it at 10:30 min/mile!

long run 7 miles splits

I know I should not worry about pacing during my long runs, but this is a faster-than-usual pace for me, and considering it felt “easy” I am proud of it. I’m glad my friend June could keep me company & truckin’ along!


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