Weekly Workout Recap: Treadmills + 6 miler

I did okay with my workouts this week—didn’t hit all of ‘em, but that was partially thanks to the lovely polar vortex and Wisconsin weather. Why didn’t I move south, again?

Sunday, Jan. 5th:

3 miles DNR
Hey, polar vortex. Windchill was -40 (!!!) and my little ol’ car wouldn’t even start. I hibernated, but at least got in some strength exercises for my hips, core, butt & attempted some push-ups. New goal: Be able to do big kid push-ups.

Rest day
Good thing this was a rest day, because the weather was pretty much the same as Monday. My car was hopeless again, so I was stuck at home.

4 miles
Hit up the gym after work and slogged out 4 miles on the treadmill. Doesn’t the treadmill seem so much harder to run on? It went faster than I thought it would, but still felt pain-stakingly long. I daydreamed of spring, sunshiney days while I stared out the window in front of me and watched the red taillights zoom down the road.

3 miles
I so wanted to go to the grocery store, pick up some yummy craft beer & head home after a very long day at work. Luckily, my gym is right next to the store, so realizing that I would have to drive right next to my gym and blatantly blow it off…I decided I was being dumb and just went into the gym instead.

I did 2 miles on the treadmill, but again, it felt so difficult to run. I’ve had a hard time breathing, and my body (especially hips) never seems to loosen up…but I can tell I’m still working hard because I’m sweating more than most of the dudes in the gym. Gross. After the 2 mile run, I gave myself a break and just hopped on the stationary bike for 10 minutes to finish up the workout.


Just did some strength exercises at home. Switched my long run to Sunday due to weather.

6 mile long run
long run splits
I met a couple people from my running club for an easy Sunday morning long run. It was almost “warm” out (28 degrees), but the roads were still quite icy and slippery. We had to run gingerly most of the way, but it was nice to get out in the fresh air and daylight for once. The run felt pretty good overall.

After making it all six miles without fuss, I fell on my butt walking from my car to the coffee shop. Ha! Figures. Just a bit of bruising (and feeling stupid), it’ll heal.

– – –

Do you think treadmill running is harder than running outside?

What was your favorite workout of the week?


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