Saturday Morning Tidbits

My usual Saturday morning long run was thwarted by all-night-long freezing rain = icy roads this morning. Sunday morning long run, anyone?


Water, water everywhere. And yes, our Christmas lights are still up. heh

So, instead of running talk this morning, I thought I’d share some random loveliness with you… Enjoy the musings and pandora’s box that is my brain!

» I usually read every night before bed. I’m a bookworm and I’ll read anything. I’ve been eating up pieces of Bart Yasso’s “My Life on the Run” and it’s a fun, adventurous read.

Bart is my fave!

I love Bart {I’ve gotten to meet him twice now}, he’s the best! But, I haven’t found a really good book to get lost in. Any suggestions?

» I heart Van Morrison Pandora lately. I am an old soul at heart. This reminds me, I’m due to make a new workout playlist…suggestions there, too?

» I said in my goals post that I want to lose weight before my wedding day {August 30th}. I haven’t buckled down too tight yet, but by simply getting back to working out a few times this week & making better food choices {and drinking less vino}, I’m down a pound as of this morning. Woohoo! Sometimes, small changes = big difference.

» My friend, June, signed up for the Green Bay Marathon. So excited for her first marathon, and to have a buddy to run it with. My friend, Liz, (who also ran Chicago) will be joining us, too!

» I love this post Runner’s World tweeted yesterday: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Runners and Eaters. Every one of these habits is something I’ve worked on developing over the last year or two, and it really does make all the difference in the world:

1. Have a support network. My running club. My family. This blog! You guys are the best.

2. Set goals. See: Chicago Marathon in 2013, Green Bay Marathon to come in 2014.

Three sisters = Three marathon runners.

2013 Goal: Run the Chicago Marathon!

3. Keep track of workouts/food. I heart my Garmin & its online tracking; I can see all my workouts on a calendar and exactly what I did. I also like to use Livestrong’s DailyPlate for meal tracking if I’m trying to lose weight.

4. Plan ahead. I love to make race training plans {like…in a strangely obsessive way} and break that down into weekly workout plans. I also try to think ahead so I can bring healthy snacks and meals to work each day.

5. Have reasonable expectations. Instead of thinking, “I have to work out every day,” I know I am busy and will be happy with 4-5 workouts a week. And even though I want to lose weight, I know I won’t drop it quick—planning to lose just 1 pound a week will keep me sane and won’t make me feel deprived.

6. Stay consistent. I try to follow my workout plans & stick to healthy eating most of the time. It’s easier to stay consistent than constantly try to “get back” to consistent.

7. See the value. That’s easy. I’ve never been happier or felt better!

Would I add any habits to that list? You bet: Get enough sleep. Stay positive. Work hard, but keep it fun. I try to follow these rules in my every day life, and so far, so good. 😉

– – –

What are your “highly effective” habits that make you a better or happier person? 

Book suggestions?

Song suggestions? 


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