What To Wear for Winter Running

The weekend is here!

I’m grateful for two days off, with nothing to do besides take down our dried up Christmas tree and decorations. {Which I’m a tad sad about—didn’t we just put them up?} We haven’t had a weekend without plans or a mile-long to-do list to tackle in so long—maybe since before Thanksgiving—so I will enjoy the R&R.

I started off my Saturday morning by making a comeback at my running club. I haven’t been able to run with them in weeks, so it was fun to be reunited!

With the wind chill, it “felt like” 8 degrees out, so I was all bundled up. What do you wear when it’s that cold out? It’s actually not too bad, if you dress properly. Even I was surprised! Here’s what I wore to stay warm in the super cold winter weather.

what to wear for winter running

• Underwear + baselayer shorts

• Thicker, weather-resistant running pants

Nike Element Shield Running Pants for cold weather running

You need thicker pants, or lined pants, in general to stay warmer. If you can find some with waterproof or weather-resistant fabric panels, they really help to shield your muscles from the cold wind, rain and snow. You could try something like this {pictured above} from Nike.

• Moisture-wicking t-shirt and long sleeve shirt
You want both shirts to be breathable and moisture-wicking, so that your sweat won’t make your clothes too damp—that will make you colder. Also, layering is key. You can wear both shirts to stay warmer, but maybe after a few miles you’re really warmed up and too warm? Then you can remove the long sleeve shirt and tie it around your waist. Done.

• Waterproof, lightweight jacket
Nike Sequence Jacket
My sister got me a waterproof jacket several years ago for Christmas, and it’s key to the cold workouts! Because it’s waterproof, it keeps out the snow, and also helps shield from the cold. It doesn’t have to be a heavy coat, it’s just the waterproof layer that makes the difference. Mine also has a drawstring hood, so if it’s super windy, I can pull the hood up and tighten it around my face. Sure, I probably look like a freak, but most people probably think I am a freak already for running out in the wind/snow/sleet/rain, so it works. You could try something like this jacket {pictured above), or even keep an eye out at Marshalls/TJ Maxx, as I’ve seen some there before.

• Gloves

• Ear warmers + hat
Since my hat doesn’t cover my ears fully, the ear warmers make sure they’re toasty, and the hat keeps more heat in covering my whole head.

• Scarf
Wrap this around your neck to keep it warm, and pull it up around the bottom of your face if you need to. I used it to help shield my face, with that wind yesterday.

• Tall compression socks
I don’t normally wear compression socks, but since they come up all the way to the knee, I thought they’d help keep my legs warmer. All my other socks are no-show, so my ankles always get cold. Any tall sock would work well.

• Shoes
If you have vented shoes, make sure your socks are nice and thick. Better yet, I saw someone yesterday who had taped around the toe box of their shoes with masking tape, to help keep out the cold air and flying slush. Smart!

It looks like a long list, and I guess it is—but it definitely made running in the “feels like” 8 degree weather not suck.

Happy {warm} running, friends!

– – –

What do you wear for cold-weather running?
Any favorite items, like pants or jackets that you recommend?


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