Happy New Year!

Oh, hi. Hey there. Happy New Year!

It’s been a holly jolly few weeks around here. I’ve been so busy enjoying friends, family and the holiday cheer that comes along with it all, that I’ve been Grinchy about writing here on my beloved blog.

But fear not! My heart’s grown three sizes larger, and so has my waistline (or so it seems).

I've been chomping away like this guy this holiday season...

I’ve been chomping away like this guy this past month…

Which means my running plans and workout energy is renewed like never before. I hope you’re ready to read all about it.

Since Christmas Eve, our house has been a revolving door with family milling in, ready to relax and celebrate…and rolling out with hearts filled with laughter, full bellies, and, uh, maybe a slight hangover after a couple crazier nights. I’m so grateful Matt and I were able to spend our first Christmas and New Years in our new home with all of our family surrounding us.

Count the memories, not the calories.

Of course, with all of that hosting and celebrating going on, working out and eating healthy plummeted to the bottom of my list. I think it’s okay to take some time off and indulge, but it’s also important to realize when you are doing that, enjoy it for a short time…and then move back to your healthy habits.

So, that’s what I’m reflecting on today: Moving back to those healthy habits. Our house has quieted down and we can once more return to our “normal” routine, after what has been a month of non-routine fun and craziness. I’ll start hitting the gym again this week. Going to run with my running club Saturday. We’ll start prepping healthy meals for lunch and dinner, rather than cook huge decadent meals or head out to eat so much. I won’t have wine every night with dinner (and, uh, after dinner too) like I have been the last week. I’m excited to return to the “routine.” This must be part of what everyone calls “growing up.”

I [finally] ordered new running shoes today, and I can’t wait to break ‘em in as I look forward to a half marathon in March with my sisters.

And…possibly my second marathon in May??

And, of course, that short walk down the aisle at my wedding in August, when my last initial will change to a lovely little “M.” 🙂

M on the Christmas Tree

Here’s to a happy, healthy, fun, unforgettable 2014.

Much love to you all!


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