2014 Sister Run-Cation

For the last couple of years, my two sisters and I have foregone buying Christmas presents for each other, and instead book a running vacation together. We call it our “Sister Run-Cation”!

Rather than spend money on clothes, jewelry, or other material things, we spend it on what’s more important to us: Time together, traveling, new experiences, and of course, running!

We choose a destination half-marathon to travel to, usually somewhere warmer during the February-March time frame. It’s a nice reprieve from the snowy, cold tundra that we all live in. Plus, we all live far enough apart that we don’t get to see each other often, so it’s a good excuse to get some quality sister time.

Two years ago, we flew to Austin, Texas to run the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon.

Three sisters take on the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon!

Three sisters take on the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon!

That was probably my favorite half marathon I’ve ever run. I liked the course and loved that there were tons of cheering people. Plus, the city was amazing to spend a few days exploring! I definitely recommend it.

Austin City View

Austin City View

Last year, we chose an even warmer destination: Naples, Florida.

Beach time in Naples, Florida.

Beach time in Naples, Florida.

The Naples Daily News Half Marathon was well organized, and the city was cute and relaxing to vaca in. I’d love to go back for a mini getaway weekend.

Post-race poolside in Naples, Florida.

Post-race poolside in Naples, Florida.

But, the race itself turned out to be my least favorite half marathon ever.

Despite how happy I look, the mild heat was killin' this Wisconsinite!

Despite how happy I look, the mild heat was killin’ this Wisconsinite!

Having trained through the cold Wisconsin winter for months leading up to this, the heat & humidity killed me! If you’re good at adapting to temperatures, or live in a warmer climate, then I would definitely suggest Naples to you…otherwise, it might be a bit brutal.

This brings us to Sister Run-Cation 2014.

And so far, we’re stumped on where to go. We have a few contenders:

• New Orleans Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon – Sunday, February 2nd
I’ve always wanted to do a Rock’n’Roll series race, they seem like fun with all the live music. Plus, I know New Orleans would be an awesome place to stay and have fun at for a couple days once the race is over.

• San Francisco Half Marathon – Sunday, February 2nd
I’ve never been to San Fran, but would love to see it! Plus, it’s close to wine country, and us sisters would love to celebrate with some winery tours […once the race is over]. Only downside is, we hear San Fran can be pricey. However, this is the least expensive race fee at just $55.

• Myrtle Beach Half Marathon – Saturday, February 15th
I’m guessing this would be a low-key place to stay—it looks like it’d be too cold to be hanging on the beach, and I’m not sure what else there is to do in Myrtle Beach? But, it’d def give us some R&R time!

– – –

Do you know of any good half marathons in February or March?

What is your dream destination race?

Would you ever go on a “Run-Cation”?

I have to say, I love it! It gives you a goal to train for throughout the winter. Then when you go on vaca, you run 13 miles, and celebrate with a few days off, some good eats, and drinks. It definitely makes you feel less guilty about all that vaca splurging! 😉


3 thoughts on “2014 Sister Run-Cation

  1. Both my marathons were vacation based- Rock and Roll in Phoenix, Arizona and Lost Dutchman in Apache Junction, AZ. I love to train for them over the winter and take a 3 day vacation to go run a race, my running partner and I did those two together. We are also talking about doing a half in the winter this year…we actually looked at the Myrtle beach location. We both don’t like running in the humid weather so that’s why we have been going to AZ. Temps are usually in the 60’s and dry. That’s a tough choice Amanda!! I would say New Orleans is going to be humid like florida but that would be a fun location for sure. I like the San Fran location too because the weather will be more like the Midwest and may have more options for activities.

    Now I just need to start running consistently…right now I am in no shape to actually plan a vacation 😦

    • Thanks for your advice Kelly! We are now looking into AZ for half marathons, never would have really looked into it before but I didn’t think about how the humidity would be better there. Did you like the Rock and Roll race there?

      I am not really in shape to plan this trip right now, either – ha! But this is kinda kicking my butt into gear. Bit the bullet and signed up for a gym yesterday, but it was only $90 for 3 months so not expensive. If you want to know which one it is, shoot me a text!

      • AZ is a great destination! LOVE it there…if you time it in March you can also catch some spring training baseball games!

        I liked the Rock and Roll, it was a flat, fun course that had music along the way. Pretty well run too.

        I was looking into gyms since this weather has been HORRIBLE for outdoor running…I think back to last year and how we didn’t get any significant snow until Feb…I miss that 😦 I’ll text you about that gym!

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