Run Streak Fail

Well hey there. I haven’t written in several days—it’s been busy around here!—but I’m alive.

Matt and I went north for Thanksgiving, allllll the way up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s such a small place up there, I flew into the Houghton County airport and laughed out loud when the plane pulled up outside of the “terminal”…which was a tiiiny building, like a house! Ha! We deplaned onto the snowy ground and waited for our luggage there.

Waiting outside for our luggage. Hey mister. Houghton County Airport.

Waiting outside for our luggage. Hey mister.

Then it was a whirlwind few days of turkey eating, visiting with family, drinking a few beers, taking some real hot saunas, playing endless games of Old Maid in a pillow fort with a 6-year-old, and catching up. It was a great time, but we definitely left exhausted on Sunday, and were happy to sleep in our own bed that night.

Sadly, my run streak totally FAILED while we were up there. I was so motivated and excited to start it on Thanksgiving Day, after my first run. But, where we stayed up north was in the middle of the woods… And it was hunting season there. I was told in no way would I be running around outside! The chance of getting shot at didn’t seem like a smart idea, so my run streak died after just one day. Womp.

I planned to pick it back up once I got home, but work has been SOOO busy with all the holiday marketing we have to do. If you want any sweet holiday deals on underwear, go sign up for emails—stat! At the least, you can buy people some nice socks for Christmas. 😉

Anyway. I’ve been getting up early and working late, it’s a bit exhausting. Doesn’t leave much energy or time to run, so I only got out there tonight—finally. It was a great run, and I got to spend it with a very special person who may or may not be a superhero… For real. I will fill you in on it soon!

Any guesses what superhero I got to run with today?

Have you snagged any good deals during your holiday shopping yet?


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