Eats of the Week

Well my [rather unhealthy] eats post last week seemed to be pretty popular, so here are more pictures of my eats this week. Some healthy…some not so much.

Let’s start with the “not so much”:

caramelized bacon and chocolate chip pancakes
Caramelized bacon & chocolate chip pancakes. Ohhh, that perfect combo of salty & sweet!
With bacon and eggs on the side.
Oh yeah, and rounded out with a Horny Goat HornyCopia Pumpkin Ale.
(Does it make it any better if I say I could barely finish even one of those giant pancakes?)

bacon, tomato, guacamole and cheese sandwich
The best sandwich I ate all week: Bacon, tomato, guacamole & colby jack cheese on whole grain bread. Must recreate for dinner.

chicken fajitas and taco dip
Mexican fiesta dinner night: Chicken fajitas! At least I can feel good about all those veggies. But then there’s that taco dip. Another healthy “not so much.” But I looove taco dip. Ole!

Kind fruit & nut bars
Kind fruit & nut bars. These are so yummy. Healthy, wholesome & delish afternoon snack that actually keeps me full.

homemade spaghetti and meat sauce
Matt’s spaghetti & homemade meat sauce. Love when he cooks me dinner!

wollersheim winery
Wisconsin wine. My older sister’s favorite! She didn’t finish it while here last weekend, so I did the honors for her. 😉

There you go, top eats of the week. Good thing I started running again…?

What good stuff did you eat this week? 


One thought on “Eats of the Week

  1. You drank the rest of my wine?!?! I made some yummy Chicken Piccata (sans the breading) with zucchini/squash and quinoa last night! Don’t even ask about the rest of the week.

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