This Week, In Food

Here’s a glimpse at my week so far… As told by pictures of indulgent foods. Feast your eyes.

Take-out Italian for dinner Monday night. Stuffed rigatoni with tomato vodka cream sauce. After a looong day, comfort food was splendid.

A glass of wine was splendid too. Relax & unwind.

Got home from work tonight & Matt got me cupcakes. “Just because.” He knows the way to my heart. 😉 This one was ‘bacon & pancakes’ flavor, deeelish!

This picture does not belong in this post:
Hello, dusty old scale. I should probably come visit you sometime soon…

But not now. Now, we’re going out to dinner & to see Ender’s Game. Have a great night, folks!

How’s your week so far? What’s your fave cupcake flavor? Seen a good movie lately?


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