Weekend: Food, Zombies & NYCM

An extra hour of sleep last night, sun up & shining early this morning, a hot mug of coffee, and the ING NYC marathon on TV this morning: Happy Sunday!

morning coffee

It doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face. Even that coffee mug makes me happy. I got it handmade from an island in Greece when I was on vacation there several years ago.

Enjoy the little things.

How’s your weekend been? Mine has been a good one—I’m finally feeling 90% recovered from this cold/bronchitis. I even have my appetite back. Woohoo! We’ve had a fun time with Matt’s brother, Andy, in town since Thursday night. There’s been a lot of time just hanging out and chatting, catching up. We’ve also eaten lots of good food: Gourmet burgers at Captain Mike’s, sushi, tapas and cheese and champagne. No wonder my appetite is coming back. 😉

We had a fun and laaate night out on Friday, including darts and karaoke and maybe some Jello shots, which left me sorta dragging most of yesterday. I haven’t been “out” in our town for months. Chalk it up to cutting out a lot of late night partying and drinks in general. Bars + late nights + marathon training aren’t the best mix. But now that my race is over, it’s nice to go have a few drinks and socialize on a Friday night, without worrying about waking up at 6-7am to run miles upon miles.

(However—I admit, I missed it: Getting up early to run, that feeling of accomplishment and re-centering myself. All before 9am. Something about it just makes me feel whole, makes my weekend complete. Looking forward to next Saturday morning already.)

I also got to flex my artistic skills and help Andy zombie-fy himself for a party at a club he went to with some friends last night. How creepy & real does this look!

Zombie Make-Up

Zombie Make-Up

Today is our last full day of having Andy around, and we might go do a little shopping before heading up to Milwaukee for the evening. No concrete plans for the night, but there’s plenty of places and things to stumble upon up and have a good time.

For now, I’m enjoying being up early but still rested from that extra hour of sleep, watching the NYC marathon on TV. Love that it is being broadcasted, so exciting for our sport to be on ESPN2.

ING New York City Marathon on TV

ING New York City Marathon on TV

This made me laugh—the network was interviewing a runner during the race, the reporter and cameraman running with her. Ha! That takes talent. The runners around them didn’t seem too excited about it…

What did you do this weekend? What ‘little things’ make your day? Would you dress up as a zombie?

I couldn’t dress up as a zombie, let around be at a party full of people looking like them—I HATE scary stuff and I’d be creeped out all night. Yet, The Walking Dead is one of my fave TV shows of the moment. Go figure.


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