Return to the Land of the Living

I spoke too soon earlier this week when I thought I was finally beating my cold.

After leaving work early on Monday (I was exhausted by lunchtime), I started coughing, coughing, coughing. I woke up Tuesday with a brick on my chest. Luckily, my doctor squeezed me in last-minute that morning and, guess what…. I have bronchitis. Joy!

Thankfully, my doc said it was literally just starting, so with the antibiotics she prescribed + the all-powerful Mucinex, I should be feeling relatively back to normal in just a few days. Phew! I actually felt a bit better last night already (maybe it was all in my head)—but I was so glad to feel like I was back in the Land of the Living. I actually had an appetite and was super excited for some pancakes as a late lunch…

banana pancakes

banana pancakes

I was even excited that I had the energy to do the dishes and some laundry. Sad, I know. Ha!

I’m feeling better just in time to welcome my fiance’s brother, coming from the UP of Michigan, to our house for the next several days. He’s in need of a little vaca because he’s been working a TON lately, so we’re excited he’s coming to spend some time with us! We have lots of plans in mind. He just started running, so I’m hoping I feel well enough to take him to my running club Saturday morning. I think we’re also going to Milwaukee for a day; doing some shopping; possibly taking the train to downtown Chicago (I don’t think he’s ever been there); and just spending some much-needed time relaxing and catching up. It will be fun!

Any recommendations on things to do in Milwaukee or Chicago this time of year? I usually only visit during the summer months or right around Christmastime, so I have no clue what to do in the fall when it’s a bit chillier.

Speaking of chilly, to warm myself up today, I got my first spiced apple cider of the season. Mmmm. Delicious. I’m usually a hot cocoa girl, but I’m supposed to be drinking “lots of clear liquids” while I battle this cold stuff, so apple cider sounded divine. Uhh, hopefully that counts.

mmm...spiced apple cider! first of the fall

mmm…spiced apple cider!

Good thing that Kleenex in the background of the pic is censoring my notebook cover. Twice. 😉

Stay warm & healthy, friends!

Hot cocoa or apple cider? Things to do in Chicago & Milwaukee?? Go! 


2 thoughts on “Return to the Land of the Living

  1. hot apple cider

    in Chicago head to the science and industry museum. It will be a great weekend to walk the museum mall down there.

  2. Great call on the apple cider. It is one of my favorite fall treats. Hopefully you’re feeling better by the weekend. I wish i could help you out plan, but i too only have visited downtown during summertime and Christmas time. Any museum this time of year would be great though.

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