A Sick Weekend

Remember in my last post, when I said I was not looking forward to avoiding getting sick?

Well, I failed. Between Matt being sick at home & all the people coming in to work sick (gah, stay HOME people!), I caught some kind of cold/sinus something.

Bitching aside [I cut out some ranting for you, you’re welcome], I could be worse. In the last several years, if I got a cold or flu, I’d then come down with horrible sinus infections AND bronchitis, etc. After being miserable for days, I’d finally go to the doc’s and have to get some sort of antibiotics, usually.

But, over the last year, I’ve really changed my health for the better: Regularly running and exercising, eating better, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water. These habits have helped me not get as sick when I come down with something. I never feel 100% down for the count (more like 75%, I guess), and instead of taking a week or more to recover, I only take a couple days.

I guess my point is: Be healthy, and you stay healthier! It makes all the sense in the world, and everyone knows you’re supposed to have the healthy habits I listed above. But, to actually use those habits and feel the difference it makes (like, not being 100% miserable all weekend) makes me “see the light” and will help me stay healthier going forward.

So, what does one do on a sick weekend? It’s been pretty wild and exciting, really.

On Friday, I could tell I was coming down with something, and after dinner I went downhill quickly. Matt was still recovering form his illness, so we relaxed and watched The Hobbit, then went to bed early.

After 12 hours in bed (crikey!), I finally rolled out Saturday morning, definitely not feeling my normal self. I had started reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty last week, so I spent most of the morning lying on the couch finishing that.

What Alice ForgotWhat Alice Forgot is such a thoughtful and intriguing book. I won’t go into the plot, but it really makes you think about the choices you’re making now and where you see yourself in the future—and then wonder if your future self will look back and question those choices you made or the things you thought were important. Especially for me, about to get married and start a whole new life with someone, and then in a few years have kids, etc.—it was really interesting to read and reflect about all the work, time and effort that keeping relationships good and whole involves over the years. It’s important to not forget the little things, to communicate, and to remember that those you love should always come first—not your obligations.

A lot of introspective thinking for someone who was lazing about sick, no?

Anyway, the rest of my weekend has been far less thoughtful and eye-opening. It involved catching up on a lot of my guilty-pleasure TV shows (Survivor, Pretty Little Liars, and Vampire Diaries), and last night I rallied up all my strength to go see Captain Phillips at the movie theater. Matt and I were both going a little stir-crazy at home, so a movie was a good reprieve. And what a fabulous movie! Tom Hanks and the rest of the cast amazed me with their acting skills—it’s one of those movies where you forget you’re watching a movie with actors, and become totally immersed in the characters and story themselves. It was full of action and suspense and, for being based on a true story, a thrilling plot. Go see it!

Today, I’m feeling a bit better, but I’ll be lying around again so I hopefully feel back to normal tomorrow. I’ve run out of books & TV shows to watch though, so any suggestions out there?

It’s funny—I used to look forward to weekends of doing nothing and lounging around, but now that I’m more active and have a house to take care of/still organize & decorate, I guess it kind of drives me crazy!

What do you do to get better when you’re sick? Any guilty pleasure TV shows? Any book recommendations?


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