Surviving the Work Week + Home Office Redecorating

This week has been a busy one already, and I’ve sort of felt like I’m hectic and all over the place, so I’m glad we’re over the hump. 🙂

One reason I’ve been a little hectic is we’re launching a new mini site at work. We’re in the home stretch, which is both relieving and exhausting at the same time. It’s exciting to see the concepts and hard work come to life!  But, there are also all those last-minute copy & photo edits, styling and coding changes, and late hours to grind it all out. We’re supposed to launch tomorrow, so I just might have to post the link to show it off, once it’s up & running…

I’d say I’m already looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but I think my two days off will be full of shopping, painting and redecorating. For weeks (er, months?), our home office has looked like this:




I haven’t unpacked the room, because I’ve been planning to paint and put up shelves, but my free time has gone to other rooms & duties since we moved in. A few weeks ago, I finally started to paint the room with the light grey paint leftover from our bathroom makeover, but with all the natural light, the grey looked like a blotchy & dingy white. So, today I got some new colors to try. I got two gallons, figuring whatever I don’t use will go towards the two spare bedrooms we still need to paint as well. The colors I got were “Accessible Beige” and “Copen Blue” from Sherwin Williams:


Which color do you think I’ll end up using in my office? I’m not even sure yet, but I’m leaning towards one… Take your guess!

If you take a look at my home office makeover Pinterest board, you can see I’m going for a lighter, happy-feeling & inspiring room. I was originally inspired by this photo (source):


I’m thinking my color palette will be rounded out with white, light blue, pink and silver/gold. I already have white furniture, a giant chesterfield-like sofa, and lots of storage space in the closet. It’s just a matter of painting, and putting it all together with the right accessories. Looks like my weekend’s booked!

For now, I’m finally relaxing for a couple hours with my fiancé, enjoying a cheese plate for dinner…


And watching HOCKEY!

We keep it classy, with our cheese plates, wine, and whiskey on the rocks. What can I say.

Go Red Wings!

What color do you think I’ll paint my office? Any decorating tips? Who’s your hockey team? 


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