Chicago Marathon Training, Week 15 Recap

Two weeks to go ‘til marathon time…
And I am officially BACK TO RUNNING!
Buhbye, ITBS, you biotch.

Sunday, September 22nd: rest

Monday: 5 miles 50 minute run/walk (10r:2w ratio)
Started with 5 minutes of walking to warm up + stretching. Then, it was time to try 10 straight minutes of running and see how it felt.

And it felt gooooood!

I ran for 10 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of walking, and repeated that two more times for a total of 36 minutes. I ended with a nice walk back home to cool down & lots of stretching.

Total of 51 minutes & 4.12 miles.

Tuesday: 60-minute cross train + PT appt.
I had a lot of stuff to finish for work & then had to pack before I headed to Chicago for the rest of the week. I traded off my bike ride I’d planned for after my PT appointment, so I could get the important things done.

Wednesday: 5 miles rest

I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out this day; I had to get up at 5am to get ready and catch a super early train to Chicago. I was in workshops and panels until 8:30pm (long day!) and then had to catch up on work emails after that. I’m pretty sure I walked at least a couple miles around the city though, so at least I got some movement in.

Thursday: 5 miles 30 minute run (10r:1w ratio)  
Well I was planning to get in a run…but after my conference was done for the day and I headed back to my sister’s place (my temporary home while I stayed in Chicago), I decided I needed some quality sister-time filled with food, wine and talking. So, that’s what I did.

Probably shouldn’t have skipped the run, but sister time always comes first! But, I think I walked a total of 4-5 miles all day, so at least there’s that. City livin’ sure gets you moving around.

Friday: rest
Another planned rest day, as I had to work in the morning until my conference stuff began, then had to travel back home after it was all over. I was so happy to get back home Friday night, but was so exhausted that I went straight to bed… by 9:30!

Saturday: 20 miles 10 miles (10r:2w)
Duuuudes. TEN MILES! Yeah.

I really wasn’t sure how this run would go. I was hoping it’d go well, since it’s been over a month since my last long run, and time is running short (pun not intended). I decided to keep with the 10 minutes running/2 minutes walking ratio, so I could really ramp up the mileage with less chance of aggravating my hips and knees. And it worked!

I enjoyed the first few miles and didn’t really think or worry about how things were feeling. Then I got to 4.5 miles and realized that was almost the furthest I’d run since I’d been injured. I got nervous for the next few miles, and then…

I looked at my watch and was at 7 miles. I still felt really good. My hip was feeling normal, my water belt was keepin’ my sweaty beast of a self hydrated, and I was popping Jelly Belly Sport Beans like a, uh, fat kid who’s running hungry? Because that’s probably what I looked like.

But, it was at that 7-mile point that I finally realized, and decided in my head, that I was going to do it. I would make it to 10 miles today.

The last few miles were exciting and continued to feel great. I had to hold myself back from picking up the pace. I got to 10 miles but was still over a mile from home. I got to almost 10.5 miles and decided—why would I push my luck?! So I stopped and finished the run up with a good bit of walking.

Proof of 10-miler awesomeness.

Proof of 10-miler awesomeness.

{Don’t mind my nasty un-manicured nails. Priorities, people.}

My average pace, with the walking mixed in, was around 11:45/mile. That’s about a minute slower than I originally wanted to pace the marathon, but at this point, I’m just happy I’ll be able to have any pace & can run it at all.

This week’s schedule:

  • Sunday: 30-mile bike ride (talk about cross training!)
  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: 40-minute run/walk
  • Wednesday: 3 miles yoga
  • Thursday: 40 minute run/walk
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 8 miles 13 mile run/walk

Second-to-last week of training, but it’s finally starting to look like a normal week. If I were starting to taper now, I’d be down to an 8-mile long run next week. But, I feel like I’ve been tapering for weeks already, so I’m going to go for 13 miles. That at least gets me halfway through the marathon, mentally…and I think my body, and mind, will be strong enough to get me through the other half, to the end.

“Taper time!” everyone seems to be exclaiming joyously. What are your tips for dealing with the taper, and what should a runner be doing differently (or additionally) during it? 


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training, Week 15 Recap

  1. I know for me, try to get long nights of sleep in, work best. Just because the night before the race you won’t get much sleep. So rest up and start cutting back your running.

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