Running Withdrawals

Hi all! I realize my blog posts haven’t been as exciting lately—mostly due to the fact that I can’t run. Womp.

{However, I shall uplift this post with a sprinkling of funny runner memes.}

Ryan Gosling makes everything better.

Ryan Gosling makes everything better.

I’ll admit, I’ve been trying to stay positive, but it’s been tough. I was sure everything would be okay the first week my knee started bugging me. I thought I’d just enjoy several days’ rest and then take my runs easy for a few weeks, and I’d be A-OK and back on my way to marathon training bliss.

Then the next week moseyed on by and my knee was still bothering me. Not to worry! I’d just take the whole week off, go see a PT, and all would be fixed.

But, no. Now I’m on week three of injury patrol and it’s starting to wear on me. Gone are the positive thoughts and relaxed attitude. Enter the psychotic, cliché, injured runner symptoms of worrying and obsessing over the fact that I can NOT run.


I find myself constantly googling things about my injury online, reading articles, posting on message boards, babbling the ears off of anyone who will listen, and seeking out advice from every other runner I know. I’m doing all of this while already seeing a professional physical therapist…who should really be the only person I’m asking for advice from, not the interwebs.


But alas, I’ve arrived here, to the injured-runner-exile, where self-pity and crabby pants abound. And I am so not about self-pity and crabby pants type of person, so on top of not being able to run, you can imagine how much this all annoys me.

So forgive me, dear friends and fellow readers, for my lack of oomph and passion and fun posts lately. You see, I choose to just keep my crabby pants to myself, to spare you from the headcase that I’m slowly becoming. You don’t need to see the slow unraveling of wits that is starting to fray at the seams.

Yes. Wine does help.

Yes. Wine does help.

The bike, foam roller & PT are my new BFFs, and while they’re all good listeners, they just doesn’t compare to my oldest friends…my running shoes.

I hope we’re reunited soon.

Since I can’t write so much about running right now, what would you like to hear more of? My PT & cross-training, other various workouts? Or something entirely different?

Wedding planning is on the upswing, so I’m thinking that will be making a regular appearance soon. Promise that I’ll get creative and come up with some happier workout posts & healthy eats soon, too, though.


5 thoughts on “Running Withdrawals

  1. Hey Amanda!! I’m sorry to hear about your knee. I had a debilitating injury during a marathon I ran in 2010 and ended up getting prolo injections. I was out about 3 months but I was able to make a full recovery from a partial IT band tear. I went from literally falling over when I ran because of the pain to being able to run my second marathon a year later.

    If you are looking for any second opinions, my doctor is amazing. Let me know and we should really get together a walk some day soon, we are Kenosha neighbors afterall!! 🙂

    • Hey Kelly! Thanks for the info. I am hoping the rehab & strengthening will be enough, but we’ll see! And yes we should definitely get together soon. 🙂 Fall is the perfect time of the year for walking!

  2. I have been where you are…the better part of this summer, but I am fighting my way back as well. Mine turned out to not be an “injury” as much as just another chronic pain disorder to add to my current list. One thing that really helped me was working on my running form in the pool. Now that I am back to running/walking, I can tell a big difference. Best of luck to you on a speedy recovery!! 🙂

    • Thanks, and I am glad to hear your positive story! I have heard before that pool running is a great thing to continue when injured like this, I’m glad it’s working for you. Now if only I could find a convenient pool to go to without signing up for an expensive gym! 🙂

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