Winter Is Coming

We flipped our calendars to September and suddenly, it seems the world has decided it’s fall.

I went on a bike ride yesterday and couldn’t help but notice that slight bite in the air… Not fully there yet, but enough of a brisk nibble to make me take my post-workout stretching inside.

And then, there was that crunch-crunch of leaves already littering the street as my tires rolled over them. Where did those crispy leaves come from? Why aren’t they a zealous green, still attached to those sprawling branches above?

Everyone is so excited for fall to be here, but to me it only means one thing:

WINTER is coming.*


I love pumpkin-flavored anything as much as the next person. I love throwing on a sweatshirt after dinner and going for a walk, taking crisp gulps of fresh air. It feels cleansing.

I love snuggling up under blankets to watch a movie before bed, because it’s already dark out at 7pm.

I love soft, chunky knit sweaters. I love the leather jacket I just bought (ooh, so can’t wait to wear it). I LOVE scarves, kinda obsessed.

I love boots. Well, the ones that my enormous runner calves can fit into, anyway. #RunnerProbs

But, fall is like a gateway drug, people. It means one thing:


And that—nope, I am just NOT ready for.

Sure, I’m stoked for cooler runs and less humidity. Perhaps even waking up leisurely on a Saturday morning, not worrying about starting my run at the crack of dawn, because it will still be cool come 8am. And, I suppose I have to admit that though I hate the fact that football literally infects my ENTIRE Sunday (yes, infects, it’s a bit like a disease), I do like that I get to treat it with a healthy dose of game day snacks and maybe a microbrew. Or two. Or three.

There are so many things to look forward to during the fall season. But, the days will get shorter, the sunshine will wane, and snow will soon begin its descent…

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here. But really, we could have snow in two months. TWOOOOO months.

Good thing we decided when we moved in to our new house that the husband-to-be is the lucky one on snow removal duty.


I suppose I can handle it when I think of it that way… 😉

Are you excited for Fall? What’s the best part of the season? How do you feel about winter?

*Har, har. Any Game of Thrones fans out there?

P.S. Excuse this random post. I’m merely taking my mind off the fact that I go see the physical therapist in a half hour. I’m hoping that she has a miracle, or the answers to life, a.k.a. what is wrong with my knee so I can go run again. Pleeeease. Update soon!


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