Chicago Marathon Training, Week 11 recap

This recap of week 11 will only be summing up one thing: rest. If you didn’t see, I’m staving off an injury, so this week was pretty light on workouts…

Sunday, August 25th: rest

Monday: cross train – biking
Since my knee hurt so bad after Saturday’s run, I thought a few rest days were in order to help it get back to 100%. I foam rolled, iced and did some PT exercises.

Tuesday: 5 miles • DNR
Rest + foam roll, ice, PT.

Wednesday: 5 miles • DNR
Rest + foam roll, ice, PT.

Thursday: 5 miles • 3 miles
After three days off, I was hopeful that I could do a test run and there’d be no pain. My knee did feel just fine until around 2.5 miles, then a dull ache started to settle in. By mile 3 I knew it was going to keep getting worse, so I stopped before that could happen.

Friday: rest
Rest + foam roll, ice, PT.

Saturday: 18 miles • DNR
I knew there was no way I’d get through 18 miles without any pain, so I called this run off. Rest + foam roll, ice, PT.

This week’s schedule:
This is all very up in the air. Here’s what my schedule should be, but I’ll probably sub most workouts with biking. I’m seeing a physical therapist on Tuesday evening so we’ll see what she suggests I should do, too… I’m feeling pretty optimistic that this second week of rest should help me get back to GOOD, so I won’t let this injury business get to me too much!

  • Sunday: rest/PT
  • Monday: 60 minutes cross-train
  • Tuesday: 5 miles/PT – will substitute biking
  • Wednesday: 8 miles – will substitute biking
  • Thursday: 5 miles/PT – will substitute biking, or maybe try a run?
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 13 miles (if I’m lucky????)

On a day off like today—sunny and a high of 70—I am just itching to go on a long trail run. You always want it more when you can’t run, don’t you?

How’s your training going? How do you deal with the frustration of injuries when you need to take time off? 


2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training, Week 11 recap

  1. I am right there with you. I am battling a minor tendonitis and after five days of complete rest, it is starting to feel a little better but definitely still noticable in my runs. I am so impatient and with Chicago only five weeks away… I am getting nervous. Hopefully we will both be back to running in just a few more days!

    • Just don’t push yourself too far, too fast – but I’m with ya, I’m hoping to start running again this weekend too. Good luck!! We’ll make it to Chicago 🙂

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