Pig Wings & Comedy Clubs

This weekend was a whirlwind!

I kicked it off with my usual exciting Friday night routine.

Saturday, I woke up at 5:25am to go run my 17-miler. It was an okay run, besides my knee hurting me for the last ten miles, and I’m proud I finished it.

After my run, an ice bath, scarfing down some eggs, and a 45-minute nap, Matt and I headed out for the farmer’s market. My weekend is incomplete without stopping by there! This week’s haul was light because I have a lot of veggies left from last week (I’ve been lazy on the cooking front), but we got: sweet corn on the cob, heirloom onions, peaches, apples and…a coconut turtle cookie bar. I thought 17 miles deserved a sweet treat, no?

After that, we met some friends at a local BBQ cook-off. I love me some BBQ but I was hot and tired, so I didn’t feel like chowing down too much. However, I did enjoy a “pig wing.” What is a pig wing, you ask? I asked too: It’s made from the shank of the pig, so it’s just one bone with a big hunk of tender, tasty meat on the end—thus looking like a chicken wing, but tasting like a BBQ pork rib.

Matt was eager once again to take a flattering picture of me eating a pig wing:

eating pig wings


I tried a few bites of pork from several competitors, and left feeling pretty full and sleepy.

When we got home, the food coma took over and I took another nap for 30 minutes. I was trying to bank some rest, because we had plans for the night, and I did NOT want to conk out before 10pm like I have the last two weekends.

We went to a good friend’s house in Milwaukee for some grilling out & drinks around dinnertime, and then hit up Comedy Sportz Club in downtown Milwaukee at 10pm. We had a BLAST! It was a lot of fun and we were constantly laughing. It was only $10 for the show, and the drinks there were relatively inexpensive too. I definitely recommend it for a fun night out, any local people out there. 🙂

We had such a good time at the 10 o’clock show that we stayed for the midnight “adult” show, but it was kind of a letdown compared to the first show. I think they relied too much on crude humor, so it wasn’t actually that funny (to me), but still, we had fun.

We didn’t get to bed until almost 3am—YAWN—so Sunday was a sleepy day. I went to my running club’s summer family picnic, where I ate some yummy food, had a beer & just chatted with everyone about running, life & fun stuff for a couple hours. When I got home, I must have been tired, because I conked out on the couch for 45 minutes. Ha! I never nap, but this weekend was full of them.

We topped off the weekend with a cheese plate to much on in the early afternoon:

cheese plate

Dill Havarti, Sweet Smoked Swiss, Aged Vermont Cheddar (I forget the fourth kind, but it was tasty!). We paired the cheese with some whole grain crackers, honey (so good with the cheddar), and apple slices. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs!

We followed that up with Matt’s special lasagna a few hours later—complete with homemade family recipe sauce. Mmm. It is my favorite meal in the world. We finished out the night with two of our favorite TV shows right now: Breaking Bad and The Newsroom.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Did you do anything fun? What’s your favorite way to end the weekend? Any favorite TV shows?


3 thoughts on “Pig Wings & Comedy Clubs

  1. Stumbled upon your blog looking for other MKE-area bloggers. Haven’t tried a pig wing yet, but they sound delicious! I love Comedy Sportz Sounds like this was an excellent weekend!

    Keep writing! There are so many things in Milwaukee to enjoy!

    • Thanks, Nicholas! You def need to find some pig wings – yum. I wish I had written down the company that was selling them, I believe they were Milwaukee-based. And hopefully I will be able to write about more fun Milwaukee things soon, any recommendations?

      • You can’t go wrong with brewery tours! We are doing a Milwaukee Dining thing on my blog (www.aslightdiscomfort.wordpress.com). There are a lot of quality restaurants around town to check out. Also, there is a ping-pong bar (SPiN) an painting bar, and so much more to write about!

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