Friday Routines

Every Friday, I kind of feel…totally lame.

You see, as a young twenty-something, Friday nights used to be my time to go out, let loose and kick off the weekend. Go out for drinks and dancing with girlfriends; take advantage of happy hour with co-workers; go out for [a usually over-indulgent] dinner & drinks with Matt. That’s how Friday nights used to roll around here.

Now that I’ve dived headfirst into marathon training, however, my Fridays take on quite a different spin.

These Fridays, I usually come home and make my own dinner. I need to make sure I’m putting good food—good fuel—into my body. No fake, pumped up meats; minimal fats and oils; no artificial preservatives and chemicals—just good, filling, wholesome food. Don’t get me wrong: I do like to cook, especially on the grill during these summer months, and I usually have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner… Maybe even one more after dinner. But, that’s it. Followed by lots of water. Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Then, I say hello to my little sadistic friend, the foam roller. It hurts so good, and I have to admit that I often wonder what the heck the neighbors think, if they can hear me while I’m using it in the middle of the living room. It helps loosen up any knots and tight muscles in preparation for the many miles I’ll be running on Saturday morning, but I sure wish it didn’t make me whine and grunt in pain so much.

Next, I assemble the troops. A 5:30am wake-up call on Saturday means I need to get everything ready to go the night before: Check the weather and pick out my running outfit; fill my water bottles; decide what fuel I need to take with me and put into the fuel belt; pack a bag with extra clothes for post-run coffee time with the running club. Oh yeah, better check the Garmin and make sure it’s charged. And, where is my inhaler and that extra hair tie?! [Commence digging through bottomless purse pit.]

After all of this is done, it’s time to relax. Half the time, I’ve already said goodbye to my fiancé, who decides to live Friday nights like a normal 20-something and head out to play darts with some buddies. I settle in on the couch with a movie or some DVR’ed TV shows (or, this is embarrassing, maybe some Dateline). Then I call it a night…usually by 10 o’clock. Sweet life.

Honestly, I say that it’s oh-so-lame, but…I kind of like it. I have to give up Friday nights so I can get up early Saturday mornings on top of my game. But, the feeling after getting in a looong run before 9am Saturday morning has a way of kicking off the weekend to feel like anything’s possible.

After all, who needs Friday night out…when you have all day Saturday and Saturday night to celebrate? 🙂

(I just better make sure to get a little nap time in, first!)

What’s your pre-long run routine? Do you find yourself staying in more and tempering old habits to help your training, or have you found a balance?  


2 thoughts on “Friday Routines

  1. Okay I admit I had to Google “foam roller” – with my eyes closed – not sure of exactly what I would see – that “hurts so good” thing – not going there! LOL Congratulations on sticking to your regiment Amanda. Good luck on your And Matt – thanks for my first jello shot.

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