Beating Monday

There’s nothing better than kicking the crap outta your Monday with a hard, fast run.

I’m not sure why, but today was just frustrating and confusing. It was a Monday.

So, after work, I headed out for an out-and-back 4-mile run. As I started, I felt like I was light on my feet and movin’ well, but when I looked at my watch, I was chugging along at a super speedy 11-minute pace. HA. Usually, I don’t mind the old slow-and-steady approach, but after the blah day I had, I needed something more.

Mile 1 passed me by. I clocked in at 10:46. Okay, that’s my normal easy pace. I can live with that.

But I picked it up a little. Beep. My watch informed me I ran mile 2 in 10:33.

I turned around for the 2 miles back to where I started. A song came on, the beat felt good. I turned it up. I didn’t want to think. Didn’t want to hear my breathing, the slap of my feet on the pavement. I didn’t really want to feel anything besides the harsh breath forcing its way in & out of my chest, the pump of my arms like pistons, the turnover of my legs like spinning wheels.

Mile three flew by in 9:36.

But it still wasn’t enough. I had to push it further, faster. Push myself forward, and leave everything else behind.


8:42. Mile 4. I was done.

8:42? I didn’t even know that was possible. I can run that fast?

It felt good.

I felt good.

Nothing can turn a day around like a kick-ass run.

Top that off with coming home…

To a glass of chocolate milk.

I love chocolate milk.

And now for an embarrassing post-run picture.

A steak, potato and corn on the cob, made by the man of the house. My favorite.


Not a bad recovery dinner.

How do YOU beat Mondays? 

Hope your week is off to a speedy & happy start!


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