This Weekend: Farmer’s Market & Fantasy Football

This weekend has been a fun one! Let’s rewind to Friday.

I got out of work at lunchtime and kicked off the weekend with…a trip to the dentist, followed by a couple hours of cleaning house! Woohoo. Not the most fun things, but things that need to be done. Now we’ll move on to the fun stuff.

After my chores, I spent an hour or two under the willow trees on the back porch.


The leaves may be a pain in the ass, but I love these giant, old trees!

Enjoying a beer on the porch

I enjoyed a beer, and made some progress on the book “Wool” by Hugh Howey. Matt has been hounding me to finish it, because it’s on his Kindle and I’ve hijacked it from him for a few weeks. Whoops. I did finish the book this weekend, though. Overall, it was slow to start but the plot is quite good, and the last quarter of the book made it hard to put down. It’s the first book in a series called the “Silo Saga,” so once Matt lets me steal his Kindle again, I’ll be continuing. He’s obsessed with the series himself.

I spent Friday evening helping Matt get some food made for Saturday’s party (4 pounds of sloppy joes), watching a movie & heading to bed early. The 5:30AM wake-up call on Saturday mornings for long runs = early bedtimes. Every Saturday morning, I question myself when I wake up on Saturday earlier than I normally wake up for work. Blah. But, getting the run done early & in the cool hours makes it worth it.

I got my 13.1 mile run in, came home, chowed down some eggs, then hit up the farmer’s market.

cherries & cucumbers

I love getting all that fresh, local food! This week’s haul included some giant cucumbers, broccoli, romaine lettuce, peaches, cherries, a homemade chocolate brownie, smoked salmon and a giant cinnamon bun. Yum.


I also picked up these gorgeous flowers for $5! In love with them.


I didn’t have long before all the guys started to trickle in and Fantasy Football Draft day began.

MANY beers were consumed by the guys. I enjoyed a couple mimosas early on & a few beers and sloppy joes later.


A beer pong tournament for draft pick order ensued. It was fun to hang out with everyone, but when they finally started the actual draft, I was quickly bored… I escaped upstairs to watch a movie and was falling asleep by 9:30. Lame-O Amanda. I guess that’s what happens when you wake up at 5:30 in the morning and run 13 miles, though. At that point in the night, I don’t think anyone really missed me. 😉

Now I’m just looking forward to a relaxing Sunday, grilling up some steaks and having some down time before another crazy week begins.

How was your weekend? Do you like to take it easy on Sundays, or make the most of the weekend with a Sunday Funday?

I’m very much a take-it-easy person myself, after working hard and running around all week!


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