Chicago Marathon Training, Week 9 recap

Week nine of Chicago Marathon training was pretty decent. I skipped one run, but I’m not going to worry about it too much. The upped mileage is starting to make me more tired than usual. In the beginning of training, I slept so well, and 8 hours of sleep each night was enough. But lately I haven’t been getting 8 hours each night, and even when I do, it doesn’t seem like enough. More miles = more sleep to recover. That’s my goal this week.

Sunday, August 11th: Bike (cross train)
I was cooped up inside all day. I decided to do my cross-training for the week so I could get some fresh air. It was good to loosen up my tired, tight legs after my 15-miler on Saturday.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: 4 miles • 10:23/mile
Had a group run with my running club. I felt really good for the first two miles of this run, but the last two miles I really struggled for some reason. I was glad when it was done…

Wednesday: 4 miles • DNR
I had to run some errands right after work Wednesday, so I didn’t get home ‘til 7. I was sooo hungry and tired by that point, I just blew off my 4-miler. If there’s ever a run to blow off, I guess it’s probably these easier, shorter ones.

Thursday: 7 miles
I ended up being glad I blew off Wednesday, because I was excited for the 7 miles of trail running on Thursday, and physically I felt great for ALL of it. It was one of those runs that leaves you giddy & smiling at the end, feeling like you could go run 7 more miles. (No pace recorded, I forgot to charge the Garmin.)

Friday: rest

Saturday: 13.1 miles • 10:17/mile (2:14:44)
I had a half-marathon on my schedule, so I met up with some people who are slightly faster than me in hopes they could push me along for a pseudo-half.

Runner friends

We ran on a beautiful trail with miles & miles of crushed gravel, some slight rolling hills, and gorgeous scenery of forests, wetlands & wildflowers. It’s my new favorite place. When we met there at 6:30, there was a heavy fog still lazing about, and brr! It wasn’t even 60 degrees.

The fog cleared as we started our trot, and eventually it started to warm up as the sun rose…

Sun rising over the trail

I started the run trying to stay up with the other ladies, but after a bit I realized I needed to hang back at my own “hard” pace so I wouldn’t burn out over the first 6.5 miles. When we turned at the halfway point, I stuck with them on the way back to push myself. I definitely ran hard, and my last mile was a 9:47! The last half was (for the most part) progressively faster:

Chicago marathon week 9 long run splits

A half time of 2:14 definitely beats my last half marathon time this year (2:28) back in late January, when I ran the Naples Half Marathon with my sisters in Florida. (That was a rough one, can’t say it was a good time at all.) 2:14 is also right around the times I put up for a few different half marathons last year (2:15 in April 2012, 2:11 in May 2012), so now that I look back, I’d say that was a solid run considering I wasn’t in racing conditions.

This week’s schedule:
• Sunday: rest/PT
• Monday: 60 minutes cross train
• Tuesday: 4 miles/PT
• Wednesday: 8 miles
• Thursday: 4 miles/PT
• Friday: rest
• Saturday: 17 miles (eeek)

Now that mileage is really starting to move up, I’m getting nervous. Those mid-week longer runs are kind of tough, and this week it’s upped to 8 miles. Remember when 9 weeks ago, 8 miles was a ‘long’ run for me?! Also, the 17-miler is the first long run that’s making me nervous. 17 MILES. That is a long ass way. I just need to remember how great I felt during my 15-miler, if I was good then, I will be fine for 2 more measly miles…

What was the highlight of your training this week? How do you deal with runs that psych you out?

My highlight was running on that new trail, a 13.1 PR for the year, and not feeling sore today after yesterday’s hard efforts. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training, Week 9 recap

  1. Congrats on your half PR! I’m also dealing with tired-ness lately too. Those long runs (anything above 16 miles), leave me feeling drained for the rest of the day.

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