A Little Loveliness, Edition 1

I do a whole lot of window (screen?) shopping, browsing and reading on the internet. I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite things that I find each week. I’ll probably be all over the board (because that’s how my interests go) and hit on housewares, recipes, wedding details, design or photography loves, and whatever else I may stumble upon. I hope it brings a little inspiration & loveliness to your day!

Lovely things I’m crushing on this week…

A Little Loveliness, edition 1

1. Skillet blueberry cobbler with a cheddar biscuit crust.
From HowSweetEats.com.
This is one  of my favorite websites for recipes. Jessica’s writing is quite humorous so it’s not your run-of-the-mill recipe spouting blog. She also explores some interesting food combos, like this—cheese & fruit, how can you go wrong?!

2. Darling Jewelry
From Lipstick Rose
I mentioned this before, but one of my sister’s best friends helped start up a jewelry company called Lipstick Rose. I have been eyeing up these pieces, and I really need to order them! How cute are they?! The sea green & gold necklace are colors I’ve been obsessed with this year, and who doesn’t love chevrons? I also adore the cute little starfish earrings, and the “love” ring is just too darling to pass up.

3. Pretty, Comfy Running Socks
From Lululemon
These would totally be a splurge. ($14 for a pair of socks, Matt would kill me.) But if you’re a runner, you know how fabulous a good pair of socks can be. Plus, I like the soft & pretty colors of this “paddle board fresh teal” pair, they make me smile! (There’s that sea green again.)

4. Moss-Knit Blanket
From HM.com – their new HOME section!
Even though it’s mid-August, I’ve found myself donning sweatpants or cuddling under the covers this week. (WTF, Wisconsin?!) This chunky blanket reminds me of a cozy sweater, and I could totally see myself wrapping up in this come September.

5. Rustic Wedding Guestbook
From Etsy.com
This rustic feel is totally what we’re aiming for at our wedding. This is such a cute idea. Wonder if I can DIY it?

6. Modern Pillows
From Etsy.com
Our living room couch & oversized chair still have the standard pillows that came with them originally. They’re grey with primary colors & geometric patterns. Just not my style. But, I love the color combo of white, light grey & yellow. These yellow chevron, grey scallop and grey & white polka dot pillows would look great in our living room. They manage to feel modern, but still feel comfortable too…perfect.

What are you finding lovely this week?


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