Another Weekend Recap

Happy Monday night!

So far, my week is off to a much better start than last week. Let’s hope that trend continues and we have no more police visits this week, shall we?

I had a great weekend filled with relaxation, lots of running, friends & some drinkies.

Friday night I stayed in, like usual during this marathon training. I had two glasses of wine (followed up by lots of water) while catching up on some of my guilty pleasure shows…like Pretty Little Liars. Don’t judge.

Saturday morning I got up early and ran my phenomenal 15-mile run. (Side note: I told someone today that it was “really fun,” and then immediately realized how psychotic I sounded. Sorry?) I refueled after my run at a friend’s baby shower. It was the cutest party: “Ahoy Baby” was the theme, since her daddy-to-be works with the Navy.

Ahoy Baby!

The color scheme was pink, white & navy blue, and I thought it was super cute without being over-the-top gaga baby. Which, considering I’m kinda afraid of babies, I can appreciate. We had brunch, mimosas and super sugary cupcakes while we played some baby games and my friend opened her gifts. She is going to be such a fun, gentle, kind mom. I’m so excited for her!

After that, my runner’s high wore off & the baby shower food coma kicked in. I got home and promptly settled in for a long summer’s nap. There’s nothin’ better than the post-long run snooze.

Later, the fiancé and I hosted some friends while we grilled out, had some drinks and enjoyed a lovely Saturday summer night. I zonked out before 11, because apparently when you wake up at 6am and run 15 miles, you can’t stay up and party with the boys.

Sunday was filled with some blogging in the morning, and then I worked for the afternoon to finish some holiday concepting for work. Yep—Christmas in August. Trust me, it’s just as hard to get in the jolly, festive spirit in mid-August as you’d think, but I was quite productive and finished up my work by dinnertime. By that point, I was antsy to get out of the house, so I seized the opportunity to go a bike ride to loosen up the legs. It felt good to get them moving.

Now I’m lookin’ forward to the upcoming weekend. The fiancé is organizing a Fantasy Football team and we’re having a “live” draft party Saturday. I know I can’t girl-it-up too much, but I want to think of some cool drinks and food to serve.

Any Fantasy Football party ideas out there?

P.S. I don’t know about you, but I’m just not ready to think about football season yet. That means summer’s coming to an end… Womp.


2 thoughts on “Another Weekend Recap

  1. Great blog Amanda! I’m going to try the salad – LOVE black beans – maybe add extra onions & cilantro – the spice of life! Congrats to you & the fiancé (hey there!). If you don’t want to wait for your Mom I can help with the electrical – I’ve done my own lighting fixtures – it’s not scary. 🙂

    • Thanks Sandy!! I’m glad you like the blog. That’s so nice of you to offer! If I find a deal on lighting any time soon and need your handy skills, I’ll have Matt give you a call. We can repay with food & vino. 😉

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