Chicago Marathon Training, Week 8 Recap

It was an up & down week…  But it ended on a high (long) note. 🙂

Sunday, August 4th: rest
I was sore and tired from Saturday. Took the day off to get work done around the house, and planned to bike Monday instead.

Monday: 60 minutes cross train
I did some bicep curls with a beer bottle…? Don’t worry, I made sure to alternate arms.

Tuesday: 4 miles • 11:31/mile
Ran a solo trail run. Despite the slower pace, I felt like I was cruisin’ most of the time. There’s something about the solitude of trail running, it’s so peaceful and serene. I love taking in the views.

Running on the trails is my favorite!

I seriously felt like a deer prancing around. It was awesome. My legs were certainly a bit sore the next day from the hills and terrain, so it was a great workout.

Wednesday: 4 miles • 10:08/mile
My legs were still a little sore and sluggish for the first mile of this run, but after I loosened up, my splits were fantastic:

Mile 1 – 10:24
Mile 2 – 10:27
Mile 3 – 10:19
Mile 4 – 9:21 (!)

After pushing it, I made sure to foam roll & stretch really well, and got some PT exercises in for the knee.

Thursday: 7 miles • DNR
I was supposed to meet up with some friends to run this, but had to go to the police department instead. Boo.

Friday: rest
This week was rough and very mentally draining. I was sore & tired every day. I meant to run 3 miles just to stay loose, but I took a nap instead. I don’t really even like naps. I guess I needed it?

Saturday: 15 miles • 10:31/mile
Okay, for as much as the week drained me, and how off-track my training seemed…this run was FANTASTIC! Mentally and physically, I felt really good the whole time. And look at that overall pace—it is faster than usual, and this has been my longest run yet. (Yay for new distance PRs!)

My usual running buddy, Liz, couldn’t run, so I was solo for this long one. I think running alone almost helped me, because I was able to settle into “the zone” and slow down when I needed to, or speed up when I felt good. 15 miles was a little boring sometimes, all alone, but it was also relaxing, too. After such a long week, it was good to have some solitude and not have to think or talk for a couple hours.

Good morning, world.

My splits were GREAT:

Long run splits

I ran faster for the last half than I did for the first half. Exactly how you want to complete a good long run. The only reason my pace slowed on mile 12 was my attempting to send a few text messages and run at the same time (probably just as dangerous as texting & driving, FYI).

And uhh that last mile? 10:05 on mile 15, seriously?


This week’s schedule:

  • Sunday: rest/PT
  • Monday: 60 minutes cross train
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: 7 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles/PT
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: half marathon

I’m so glad the week ended on a high note. I’m excited to start over this week and hopefully hit all my workouts and make ‘em count. The work is paying off. 🙂

I have a half marathon on my schedule for next weekend’s long run, but I’m not signed up for one, so I may just run 13 miles all out and see how I do?

How was your training this week? What are you looking forward to in the week to come? 


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