Sunday RunDay

After a busy weekend in Chicago at BlogHer ’13 (more on that coming later this week) I was anxious to get my long run in on Sunday. I slept in quite late, since I knew the temperatures were supposed to stay in the cool 60’s all day. I needed some extra zzz’s for sure…I conked out for almost 11 hours!

I figured that meant I was well rested and ready to run, so I took off in the early afternoon for my 9-miler. I was grateful it was a step-back week, as I did still pretty drained mentally from a crazy busy workweek & conferencing all weekend.

I took my run to a nearby trail. Two miles on the road and I arrived at the shady, pretty path. I don’t think I could have asked for a better day to run. I love the scenery, and the sky was so blue.

running path

On days this beautiful, I never want to stop!

About 3 miles in, my right knee started to have some pain in it. UGH. I had already stopped to stretch, so I took my run to the grassy sides of the trail. It felt like it slowed me down a bit (the long grass needed mowed!) but it DID make the pain go away.

Note to self: Find more soft surfaces to run on.


(No, that’s not a tan, just a massive amount of freckles.) 

I ended up close to home at 9 miles, so I stopped at that point and walked several minutes ‘til I was back to home sweet home.

My splits were kind of all over the place, but I felt good at the end, as you can clearly see:


While a lot of my 20-something friends would be blowing up Facebook with their Sunday Funday pictures of drinks and shenanigans, I guess I have to nerd out and call this my version…Sunday RunDay. 🙂

I did, however, finish the run with two very important things at the top of mind:

1. Start doing some PT for the knee / overall strengthening ASAP. I was glad my knee stopped hurting during the run, but I kind of felt like that was a miracle. I probably shouldn’t push my luck.

2. We were ordering pizza for dinner.


It’s back to normal this week with a full work schedule & healthy eating (I’m still trying to drop some pounds, but obviously relax those restrictions on the weekend…with pizza). Also, if you checked out my training recap with the upcoming week’s schedule, you’ll see my mileage hikes up a bit. I will complete my longest run ever on Saturday: 14 MILES. Eek!

Tonight, I’m meeting with a biking group for around 18 miles, and we’re having food + a bonfire afterwards. I love when my workouts turn into something social. It makes working out so much more enjoyable!

I think I need to start getting some additional fuel for these longer runs, besides the gummy deliciousness that is Shot Blocks. Any recommendations? 

And, what kind of overall strengthening do you do in addition to your running or workout routine?


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