Chicago Marathon Training, Week 6 Recap

After five weeks of stellar training, I had my first week inadequate training, to say the least. But, I’ll look for a positive: The slight pain in my knee is gone (for now) so I guess the unplanned rest was good for that…

Sunday, July 21st: Rest day

Monday: 3 miles • DNR
I tried really hard to get this run in, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you plan. I was at work at 6:30am to finish an important project that day. I hoped to run over lunch, then ended up having to work through lunch. No problem, I thought, I’ll just leave at 4pm and get in three miles before my evening plans.

…Then I got booked into a meeting until almost 5 o’clock. I had to meet my friends at 5:15 for a trip we planned to a running store about an hour away, so there was no wiggle room there. So, no run, despite all my good intentions. This whole work thing sure gets in the way of running! 😉 I did have an awesome trip to the running store, though, where I was evaluated and fit for new shoes (post to come on that sometime soon!).

Tuesday: 60 minutes cross train • DNR
My fiancé had come down with something a few days earlier and had to go to the doctor for antibiotics. I felt nauseous, had a headache and was so tired all day. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and go to sleep. Obviously no workout was happening that day, and I just crossed my fingers my body was fighting off whatever was attacking it.

Wednesday: 6 miles 3 miles • no pace recorded
Yay—I felt 90% back to normal. I only ran 3 miles because I didn’t want to push it (and my knee felt weird the whole run). My Garmin was dead so I just ran for 30 minutes at what felt like a fairly hard pace. It felt glorious to sweat.

Thursday: 3 miles •  DNR
Again—time was not on my side this day. I was prepping to go to the BlogHer conference, plus had to finish up not one but THREE “first priority” projects before I left work that day…which meant I was in early and stayed as late as possible. When I got home, I only had time to pack and then had to hop on a train to Chicago. I guess at least I walked a few miles once I got into Chicago?

Friday: Rest
I was up at 5am to get ready & leave for the BlogHer conference, and didn’t get home until about 10pm that night. Yawn.

Saturday: 9 miles  
The conference went all day, so there was no time to get in my long run. Planning to get the 9 miles in on Sunday (today) to make up for it!

This week’s schedule takes it up a notch:

  • Sunday: 9 miles easy
  • Monday: 4 miles
  • Tuesday: 60 minutes cross train
  • Wednesday: 7 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 14 miles

FYI: 14 miles will be my longest run…EVER! Wish me luck!

Let me know:
How do you deal with crappy training weeks? Do they get to you mentally, or do you just move on and not let them drag you down? 

I’m usually pretty good at moving forward & focusing on what I can do better this week, but there’s a small nagging in the back of my mind that says, I wish I could have at least gotten in a few more miles somewhere in there… But, I’ll just make sure this is a kick-ass week!


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