Weekend Fun: Shopping, Art & a Wedding Venue

I noticed that my posts have been pretty focused on running & food lately, so I thought it’d be fun to give you a recap of my weekend since I DO partake in more than just those two things…

On Friday, I got out of work around 1:30 (yay for summer hours) but had to hang around the house for several hours because we had Sears come clean our carpets. Now that we have those cleaned + had our vents cleaned, our new house is smelling nice & fresh! I’ve been waiting for those two things to happen before I unpack my office and make over our two guest rooms, so over the next several weeks (or, probably months) you will get to see some fun progress pictures on those.

I’m almost done making over our upstairs bathroom, so hopefully I can post about that soon! Think tropical beach… 🙂

beachy bathroom decorations

After our cleaning, I went to Marshall’s because a friend tipped me off that they had hydration belts. Who knew they carried sport equipment there?! These normally go for about $50, but I picked one up for $25. Woo.


And don’t worry, I donated another $50 to Marshall’s via four new neon tanks. So fun! I also browsed the summer dresses, but sadly couldn’t find anything I liked. My wallet secretly rejoiced.

Saturday morning I had my long run, which left me pretty tired out for the rest of the day. I kept trying, but I wasn’t able to take a nap to recharge. Even still, I managed to do a lot. My bro-in-law, Mike, came to visit, because my sister abandoned him for New York for the weekend to see her friend, who BTW just helped launch a new accessories company, Lipstick Rose. Their jewelry is so cute & original!

Of course, the boys went to play golf. After they were done, we all went for a beer & late lunch. I love drinking a cold beer outside on a warm day, don’t you?

In the evening, I went to see a best friend’s art show in a small gallery. Sarah Starling Art is amazing!

I love Sarah’s paintings, they are so full of color, and the texture and touches of metallic paint make them so interesting. Pictures don’t do her art justice, because the textures and light’s reflections on the metallic paints really bring them to life. I was eyeing this one and trying to think of where it could fit in my living room…

072313 Sound Waves

She even sold a painting while we were there. Isn’t it pretty?

072313 sedona sunset

Afterwards, we went with a few of her friends and celebrated with a drink. It was a fun way to spend my Saturday night & I was so happy I finally got to see Sarah. But, I was still dragging from the early morning 12-mile run, so by 11 o’clock I was quite happy to be heading home for bed.

On Sunday, Matt and I went to a wedding location we had scouted out last week. We got to talk to the owner and asked a gazillion questions. Then I took a gazillion+1 pictures.




The place is rustic and charming, and with all my decorating ideas & craftiness (thanks, Pinterest) I think it will be perfect. We’re soooo excited to say this is where we’ll be married next summer! Cross that off the to-do list. Yay!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything new, fun & exciting?


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