Monday…Funday? & I’m going to BlogHer13!

Happy Monday, everyone! I have to admit, I woke up a little cranky this morning. Tired + rainy, dreary morning = crabby pants were donned.

Wait—I wore a dress. So…My Crabby Cardi was donned?

Either way, it ended up being a pretty good day. Here were the highlights:

I found the yummiest snack ever. Yes, ever. At least for this month. Fresh strawberries & blueberries topped with a Dark Chocolate Raspberry Chobani “bite”. Amaaazing.

chobani + blueberries + strawberries = deliciousness

chobani + blueberries + strawberries = deliciousness

Have you tried these little “bite” things? They’re smaller portions of Greek yogurt, so they’re only 100 calories per cup. Plus, this flavor is extra delicious with little flecks of dark chocolate in it. It doesn’t seem healthy one bit. Mmm. You have to try it on fruit, so good!

Chobani bite chocolate raspberry

Then, I came home to the fiancé pulling his workout clothes on. Woohoo!

He doesn’t love to exercise, so any time he’s up for some bike riding, I’m in. We got about 25 minutes in when we sped home—just in time before a massive downpour!



Unfortunately we’ve had some water issues in our new home. Water has been coming in through the walk-out basement door and we haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why…until today when Matt opened the door during the storm and a tidal wave of water whooshed in. UGH. Okay so not the highlight of the day, but on the plus side, we finally solved the mystery: Our gutter is completely overflowing and pouring all the water straight down instead of to the downspout. Gutter Cleaning Men, we’ll be calling you soon…like now.

Then I made a tasty & healthy dinner of [frozen leftover] shredded buffalo chicken tacos.

Buffalo Chicken tacos

Buffalo Chicken tacos

I made a super easy batch of crock pot buffalo chicken  a couple months ago and discovered a bag of it frozen in the freezer, so dinner was whipped up in just 10 minutes! Corn tortillas, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, green onion and just a touch of ranch dressing to cool it down a tad, that’s all ya need.

TOP highlight: I signed up to attend the BlogHer conference at the end of the month! I was going back & forth about signing up, since I am new-ish at this whole blogging thing and barely even know what BlogHer is, but Matt told me I should go since I was so happy and excited to write every day. And, it’s my ultimate dream that some day I will be able to do this as extra income. Annnd, I only live a bit over an hour from Chicago, so why pass up the opportunity when it’s being held so close by? SO, thanks to Matt’s encouragement and a little push, I went for it today, and I’m pretty excited! I’m a little anxious because I don’t know what to expect and I won’t know anyone there, but I think if I keep an open mind and don’t let myself become shy, I will have a blast & learn a lot.

What are your Monday highlights?

What’s your favorite snack lately?

Have you attended a BlogHer conference? Any advice or words of wisdom on what to expect?


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