Chicago Marathon Training, week 3 recap

My week three of Chicago Marathon training went pretty well. I felt good, thanks mostly to making sure I am not pushing the pace on every single run, I think (which, yes, I would have done in the past). I do need to start incorporating more strength training for my core & hips, rather than randomly doing some exercises here and there…which usually just get forgotten.

With the Fourth of July holiday, I did have to shuffle some of my workouts around. I also skipped an easy 3-miler on the 5th, but I was SO sore from painting my bathroom on the morning of the 4th (going up & down the ladder felt like the equivalent of 3859730 squats & lunges), that I don’t think it will have an impact.

Sunday, June 30th: 9 mile long run (9.2 total distance) • 10:53/mile
This run was split into two parts. My town had its annual Firecracker 5K/10K run on Sunday, so I ran 3 miles before the race, and then ran the 10K with my training buddy. I kind of felt silly spending money on what was just a training run, but it was a lot more fun than the usual long run, and it made it go by fast. Plus, having the water stops was nice!

Monday: 60 minute cross-train (bike ride)
Fun but very windy day for bike riding. It felt good to get in some cardio time without stressing the legs too much. The roads against the wind were definitely a workout, and they had my heart pumping & legs maxxed out for a short amount of time.

Tuesday: 3 miles • 10:30/mile
Another east 3-miler to shake out the legs during the week. It was a humid one, though.

Wednesday: 5 miles • 10:46/mile
Another humid day. Ran two loops of a paved but mostly shaded trail with a couple hills thrown in.

Thursday: 3 miles • DNR
This is the run I didn’t complete. I started painting our bathroom for a few hours in the morning, and then we hosted people for the afternoon/evening 4th of July cookout. Don’t worry, I exercised my biceps by lifting some beers and eating some ribs. It’s all about balance…right?

Friday: rest
I was all over this rest day. Actually I was a little antsy and I find I can never sleep as well on rest days, but my legs were nice & fresh for the long run the next morning…

Saturday: 6 miles • 10:26/mile
It was a step-back week, so our ‘long run’ was shorter. Felt fairly easy, which is good mental fuel as next week I jump up to 11 miles!

Here’s what’s coming up this week on my Hal Higdon Marathon Training, Novice 2 plan:
• Sunday: 60 minutes cross train
• Monday: rest
• Tuesday: 6 miles
• Wednesday: 3 miles
• Thursday: 3 miles
• Friday: rest
• Saturday: 11 miles

What’s on your training plan this week? Any tips for hip & core strengthening moves?


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