The Best Saturday Mornings

Most people probably wouldn’t be stoked to wake up by alarm at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday. But for me, that little alarm is the cue to get up and start having an absolutely lovely Saturday morning!

By 7:25, I meet up with my running club along Lake Michigan for my long run of the week. There are so many different people in my running club, of all ages and speeds, but they all have a few things in common: They’re some of the friendliest & welcoming people I’ve ever met, and they’re all nerdily excited to run just like me…whether it’s 4 miles or 20 miles. I can only imagine what the passers-by think of us: A peppy, laughing, mongering group of 20 or so runners who take off at 7:30 on the dot at a trot. We must look absolutely insane to most, especially those people just hitting up the café for their morning coffee, still half-asleep and gaping at us.

We do an out-and-back loop along the lake, enjoying the sunrise as it sparkles on the water, and thanking the lake breeze that cools us down along the way.

running by Lake Michigan

We meet back at the coffee house for a little post-run caffeine. Lots of run chatting ensues, as well as stories from the week; recent race bragging; upcoming race anxieties; advice on running, life, work—it’s all out on the table. There’s just some unseen connection runners seem to share, where you can talk about anything & everything, without judgment. I guess when you’re at your best & worst, sweatiest & smelliest, with a group of people—openness and an ear to chat up is the perk you get.

Now that summer is here, the post-run coffee is followed up by a walk over to the local farmer’s market. There’s pretty much anything you could want there—fruits, veggies, baked goods, the BEST cheese (hello, Wisconsin), meat, drinks, soap, jewelry, sweet treats, fresh lemonade, woodwork, fabulous art, and more.

Wandering the market in the sunshine, I have to scope everything out first before I start buying anything. I do a lot of my produce shopping there—everything is so fresh, I like to think it probably has less chemicals and junk on it, and I love that it’s supporting local business.

fruits and veggies from the farmer's market

Sometimes that means things are a little pricier, like fresh Michigan blueberries and cherries, but a lot of veggies are often at prices you can’t beat. Plus, what tastes better than a strawberry that was picked just hours ago?! (Probably while I was still out running!)

fresh strawberries

And of course, I can’t get all those fruits & veggies without a little treat… Homemade brownie!

mmm... homemade brownie

So on mornings like this, as I drive home with post-run endorphins flowing through my body, my farmer’s market haul in the back seat, and music blaring through the speakers, I can’t help but sing & smile to myself. It’s mornings like this that make the tougher weeks worth it, and if every day could be so sweet—what a lovely life it would be!

What’s your version of “the best Saturday morning”? What do you love to do on the weekend? 


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