Anniversary Weekend Fun

Four years ago, my now-fiancé, Matt, and I were about to leave for a concert (The Fray) when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Four years later this past Friday, I attempted to surprise him with another concert, but that guy is just too smart to be fooled!

Matt and I met during our first week of college at a meeting to be writers for the school’s newspaper. (We’re little nerds, what can I say.) I remember him making jokes and being super outgoing, thinking he was pretty cute—and then inwardly thrilled when he walked me back to my dorm afterwards. We spent some time together and talked quite a bit, but I had come to school a LONG way from home so I could spread my wings and just be me, figure out who ‘me’ really was—so, between classes, a few clubs, and joining a sorority, I just didn’t have time to try to fit another puzzle piece into my life.

But four years later as college graduation neared, our paths crossed again, and finally it was the right time for both of us. And we’ve been together ever since. It’s been a fun, crazy, busy, exciting, full-of-love four years that we’ve grown together through. 🙂


Oops, that’s not right…Here we go:



Last summer, we got engaged. We decided to hold off an extra year on the wedding so we could put our resources towards buying a home while the market was still so great. (Every year we cringed at the amount of money we were throwing away in rent!) We were able to find our perfect home this past April, and with that out of the way—it’s on to wedding planning for next summer!

We had a great anniversary weekend, first with a little Friday night fun. That concert on Friday I mentioned above was one of Matt’s favorite country singers, Phil Vassar. He played at Summerfest in Milwaukee on Friday night. What a great show!! I have to admit, I was planning the concert all for Matt’s sake; I listened to Phil when Matt played his music, but besides that, he wasn’t necessarily my favorite artist. But, you know how sometimes you see a band or singer perform live, and their passion, energy and pure talent are enough to make you a forever-fan? That’s totally what I experienced at the Phil Vassar concert. We are definitely going to try to go see him live again at some point. He was just a ton of fun to watch and listen to. It probably helped that we were able to score a spot only four rows back from the stage, dead center. Pretty sweet!


celebrating 4 years together

Another fun side note, they were shooting footage for his newest single’s music video, Love is Alive, during the concert. We’re hoping that since we were so far up front and in the center of the crowd, maybe we got into the video. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed & wait to see!


honeypie cafe

The next morning, we stopped in Bayview at a cute brunch spot, Honeypie. They have tons of vegan and vegetarian options, and also some decadent and meat-laden dishes like the country-fried pork chop with eggs, sausage gravy and potatoes…which Matt of course had to get. I got a breakfast burrito, which was delicious, filling & way too much food. Definitely recommend Honeypie for brunch—or just for some sweets! Look at those…it took all my willpower not to give in to one of those babies.

Then it was on to our wedding venue destination in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. We drove around to every park in the city to scout out a wedding ceremony spot. We also stumbled across a church that we both liked a lot, Matt especially. I have always imagined our wedding taking place outdoors, though, so it will take some convincing for me to change my mind… However, I sadly was not ‘in love’ with any of the parks that we saw, and really can only imagine our wedding take place in one pretty, secluded and quiet spot that we were pretty fond of:


So now it’s on to figure out the logistics, cost, risk of an outdoor wedding, and all that jazz so we can make up our minds and get our date set. Now we’re finishing off anniversary weekend with a little home-cooked dinner & some wine tonight before it’s back to the real world tomorrow. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Anyone out there have an outdoor wedding ceremony and have any advice? We aren’t hiring a wedding planner & we’re doing everything ourselves here…so any advice is appreciated!


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